Interconnected trampolines of all shapes and sizes gives you the opportunity to jump until you can jump no more. Flat and angled tramps makes this is one action packed fun zone.

Love competition and fast paced fun. This zone is team against team in a dodgeball war. Hit your opponent with the soft ball and you win – Simple! For more information or to sign up >> Click Here

The inflatable zone is absolutely massive. Huge inflatables, huge fun for the entire family.

It’s all about flying through the air and landing on a big air bag in this zone. Practice those aerial moves that you’ve always wanted to master. Perfect your style and have fun at the same time.

OK This is for Pro’s Only. You must be 125cm and over to Enter. The Pro Zone Features: Olympic trampolines.

This area is just for the 3 – 6 years olds and any child under 110cm tall. The Little ones love it, as there are no big kids to worry about.